Thursday, March 31, 2011

Almost Done!!

Hell yes! Got a lot of progress done in the past couple of days :D. I should have a video up of it in action soon enough. I need to find a good mic to record the sound with though, I'll see how good a rock band mic works :P.

I screwed the pieces on and got the vent fitted in nicely, went around the edges with silicon caulk to make sure there is minimal leakage.
Picture of the vent from the inside.

Added silicon to the outside of this wood.

Wooooooooo, feels good to get that much done, and all my homework too! Can't wait to get this operational!

Oh and also by the time I post again (hopefully tomorow) I should have a video of the whole thing completed. I've been free airing my woofer at low freq to break it in, so it should work good.

I need some requests for a good bass heavy song to try it out on post in the comments!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Been busy :/

Had a research paper to do so not much work got done again :(. Also why the hell do all headphones break so easy? I've had this pair of sennheisers for about a year now and they just shit out on me :/. So did my ear-buds, same company. Don't think I'm going to be buying from them again. Does anyone have any recommendations for headphone that wont cause bankruptcy and will last me a long time and sound good as well?

Annnnnnd my pictures aren't uploading. Perfect... Well this will have to do for today. Gotta finish my paper on a person that I will forget all about in a couple days, that wouldn't of helped me later on in life anyway. Grrr.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Some work done

Only have a little bit of work done today been pretty busy with school and stuff but well progress is progress! Cut this piece down to size sanded and stained! Need to cut the vent to size next.

(Perfect fit :D)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Even more progresssss!

Got quite a bit of progress done on my speaker box I cut out the vent part and found something to use (an old shop-vac tube)

( Rough cut and hole :D)
(This will be used as my vent/port needs to be cut to size don't know how I'm going to do that yet :P)

Haven't made any mistakes yet! Lets hope this project is flawless :D. Thanks for all your comments and support!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Been pretty busy lately working on a song so I could only do a little bit today but I'm happy with it so far! I know the colors are a bit off but thats fine with me, I'm just looking for performance not beauty.

 All sanded :D

Shitty stain/paint job :P just to make it blend in a little more.

Now I need to find something to use for a port/vent! I'm thinking an old vacuum cleaner tube or something of the like. If you have any ideas feel free to leave some in the comments :). 
I got some work done last night! I have one piece of wood cut to cover a hole with, got it sanded and everything too. I think I'm going to round the edges a little more just to make it look fancier :P

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Project!

Hey guys! I decided to start a project I'm going to build a subwoofer box for a sub I got from amazon. I'm going to use an old speaker box that I've had lying around for years doing nothing. 
I will be posting pictures of my progress, hopefully it turns out good :P. Heres some pictures of the box how it is now.

(I'm going to be covering one hole, using the smallest hole for a vent and putting the sub in the biggest 10in hole.)

I should hopefully get some work done on it tonight might have some pictures tomorrow, wish me luck!
Heres a great song for a great cause. Heist made this track to give away as a free download and to encourage people to donate to help Japan. Have a listen :) Links to download are in the description.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A nice winter picture too bad its over, I miss snow :(